Wanted To Buy

Have Items to Sell?

Oliver’s Twist Estate Sales is always looking to buy quality antiques, vintage, and collectible items.  Although we consider all pieces, currently we are particularly seeking items in the following categories:

  • Gold
  • Sterling
  • Jewelry
  • Military

To contact us about selling, please send an email to oliversmtdora@aol.com. Please be sure to include all the following information for each item:

  1. Picture(s) of the item
  2. Description of the item
  3. Your desired selling price  (Please note that any items offered without a desired sale price cannot be considered.)

We will review your email as soon as we can.  Usually within 2-3 days. After review, we’ll reply to let you know whether we might want to buy, or not.  If we are interested, we’ll follow up with you to arrange for an in-person inspection.

Note:  Oliver’s Twist does not do full buyouts of estates.