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Oliver’s Twist Estate Sales conducts professional, on-site estate sales.  The Owners, Clay and Cindy Oliver, are established experts in the management of estate sales and liquidation of personal property.

Do You Need Estate Sale Management Services?

You may need our services if you’re dealing with…

  • An estate that must be liquidated for probate
  • A divorce, or dissolution of assets
  • Downsizing
  • Relocating for personal or business purposes
  • Property Foreclosure
  • Needing more room and you want to liquidate belongings and collectibles through an estate sale.

If you do need an estate sale, the most important factor to consider is choosing the correct estate sale manager to do the work.

At Oliver’s Twist Estate Sales, We Specialize in Delivering Estate Sale Success

With Oliver’s Twist Estate Sales, you can rely on our years of professional experience as estate sale managers, and the expertise we’ve developed as a result.

We’ve created systems that insure your sale will be planned, prepared, and conducted in the most efficient and rewarding way possible.

Because we take care of everything, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Plus, we were formerly the principals in Oliver’s Twist Antiques, one of the best known antique stores in Mount Dora, FL – a hub of antique activity.  We have over 25 years experience dealing directly in fine arts, vintage couture, estate and vintage jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and more.

We deal with the market every day, so our knowledge is constantly updated.  You gain the most accurate and comprehensive valuations as a result.  As well as the knowledge to show off your items in the best light.

How An Estate Sale Works

Once you decide you’d like us to manage your estate sale for you, we’ll get to work. We’ll apply our proven process to insure the most efficient and effective sale of your personal property.  We perform each of the following steps:

  1. Scheduling – We determine the best dates for your sale. Sales are 1, 2, or 3 day affairs, depending on the amount and type of items to be sold. We want to insure we’re not going to be competing with major local events, or other distractions.  We also review the location and ordinances that might affect when and how the sale must be conducted.
  2. Property Review – We examine each item to be sold. We make sure it’s in best possible condition for sale, then photograph and catalog it.
  3. Valuation  – We determine the market value for each of your items.  We’re able to do so more effectively than most because of our experience and professional qualifications as appraisers. We maintain our accuracy through regular market and trend research.
  4. Pricing – We use our valuations to set the selling price for each item. We put a tag on each item with the price clearly marked. During the sale, this saves a great deal of time for both buyers and our sales team.  Buyers can easily determine the price of the item and quickly make the decision to purchase it.  At checkout, the tag serves as the record that the item is being sold at the correct price.
  5. Staging and Display – We stage the items in your estate sale. That means we display your items in the most attractive way to heighten their sales appeal.  We also group items likely to sell better together, linens or dishes, for example.  We place items in the parts of your home that show them off to the best advantage.  Just like with retail merchandising, effective display can make a huge difference in how well items sell.
  6. Advertising and Promotion – Leading up to and on the days of the sale, we promote your sale.  We place ads and listings in publications and online to make buyers aware. We send out email to our mailing list of proven buyers.  We place signage and provide direction during the actual sale.
  7. Sale-Day Management – We arrive early each sale day with our trained and professional staff.  We establish check-in and check-out points, greet the line of eager buyers, and insure an orderly, safe, and secure sale.
  8. Clean-up and Haul Away – After the sale ends, we make sure your site is left in good condition.  If required, we provide for haul-away services.

Free Consultation with No Obligation

We offer a free, initial consultation. Many of our clients have questions at first. They need more information to help them determine if an estate sale is the best way to liquidate their property. During our free consultation, we can help you understand your options and see how the estate sale process would work for  you.

There are times when a different type of sale or other liquidation option is advisable.  We provide friendly advice to help you decide.  If an estate sale is not best, we can provide guidance for other types of liquidations.

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